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Exceptional Sacramento Regional Wineries

This guide is designed to provide you with best places to taste wine in the Sacramento region. While there are some great wine tasting options within the city limits, the surrounding areas collectively offer more than 200 wineries, vineyards and tasting rooms – most within a one-hour drive or less.

You’ll find wineries that haven’t succumbed to commercialism, where tastings are still free or offered for a nominal fee, and where you’ll have intimate access to the wine making process and winemakers – many of whom greet visitors personally. Let Sacramento be your wine tasting destination for an experience that’s rooted in the passion of the people who make wine and the natural beauty of the foothills and valleys.

Daily Tip

The Crush

The most exciting (and busiest) times in the wine country is during the fall harvest or “crush”  when wineries are picking and crushing the grapes. The exact dates change every year depending on the weather and winemakers’ wishes, but the best time to be a part of the action is late September through October.

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